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Does CBD Oil Help With Migraine?

Cannabidiol (CBD) may relieve pain while reducing inflammation, with a few pieces of research suggesting that CBD oil can help effectively treat migraine. The growth in research meant that Cannabidiol helps relieve pain, particularly neurological pain, as it is linked with various conditions. More CBD oil promises migraine treatment with specific methods, as found in the American Migraine foundation report. At the same time, the foundation acknowledges that there are no shreds of evidence that it is helpful and effective in migraine treatment. The researchers pointed out the evidence with a general lack of formal research for CBD oil.

It is concluded after the research that CBD may still be a viable option for some patients who come with problems in their joint and muscle pain that are associated with migraine. Still, there is no evidence about using CBD oil for migraine treatment with practical options. Yet, researchers have not fully approved that people can use CBD oil for migraine treatment by looking into its effectiveness, legality, and safety.

Why Could CBD Oil Reduce Migraine?

As you already know, CBD is present in the cannabis plant and is different from tetra-hydro-cannabin. THC is the compound in cannabis that produces highness. In contrast, there is no evidence that CBD has highness, and it is noted that there are other effects in the patient’s body that might relieve the pain with the inflammation reduction. For example, CBD oil for migraines may reduce pain by affecting the brain’s receptors that can reduce migraine. The receptors in the mind are a part of the endocannabinoid system that is essential in relieving pain and body inflammation.

The research linked medical cannabis with the following effects relevant to migraine treatment:

  • Pain relief
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Anticonvulsive effects
  • Easing nausea

However, minimal research on safety and cannabis effectiveness for migraine has been done due to legal restrictions on research that involves cannabis plants. Moreover, many researchers provided a few studies showing how it could improve migration treatment.

Much evidence suggests taking cannabis with modest benefits while releasing chronic pain. Likewise, a 2020 review found that CBD can help relieve chronic pain, improve sleeping habits, and reduce inflammation in a few circumstances. In addition, a few studies’ results indicate that cannabis reduced headaches industry where the studies did not investigate CBD oil as it covers cannabis. Whereas, in 2018 review with relevant research reported that cannabis seems to be a promising method to relieve pain, including pain from migraine.

In comparison, the investigations in the 2017 review concluded that anecdotal evidence and findings warrant the research and high-quality clinical trials for CBD. Meanwhile, the researchers have explored the cannabis compounding treatment for chronic pain in people who take opioids for a more extended period and want to reduce the use of CBD.

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